May 8, 2021

23 Faux Fur Coats to Cozy Up InNow

Ever since I saw “101 Dalmatians”—stay with me, here—I always thought fur coats were indicative of pure evil. Sure, I may have been eight, and sure, I may have watched the movie a couple dozen times because it was the closest I’d ever get to having a puppy, but the storyline, and the unsavory connotation of a fur coat, always stuck with me.

Fast forward two decades, and fur coats aren’t just stylish again—they’re the ultimate symbol of peak coziness. But while some can’t afford the four-figure-plus price tag, others can’t get past the ethics of wearing real fur, and hence, an influx of faux fur styles has flooded department stores, designer boutiques, and fast-fashion chains alike. But this time around, the point of faux fur isn’t to pass it off as the real deal anymore: Instead, it’s an opportunity to get as creative—and fuzzy—as you can with your outerwear.

Because there are so many options out there, we did the work for you and found 23 faux fur coats that’ll flatter you, rather than make you look like a nondescript ball of fluff (trust: It’s a very fine line). Leopard, striped, pastel, and traditional faux fur coats, ahead!Save