July 6, 2022

23 Unique Engagement Rings for the UnconventionalBride-to-Be

When it comes to weddings in 2016, there are more ways to break from tradition than there are traditions themselves—which is good news for anyone who doesn’t want your typical white gown, religious ceremony, or army of bridesmaids.

There’s also one key way to buck the norms before the wedding itself—namely, your engagement ring, which no longer has to be your classic diamond solitaire, but could incorporate colored gemstones like sapphires and tourmaline, vintage-inspired cuts, or asymmetrical shapes. Hey, you could even choose a midi ring if that’s more your speed.

Whether the woman you love seems like the type to want something a little less conventional, or you’re browsing for rings for yourself to drop hints to bae, click through the slideshow below for 23 unique—and totally gorgeous—options, from a super-affordable $145 (see the dainty diamond beauty above) to more than $8,000 for a brilliant 13-stone ring.Save