October 22, 2020

5 Upstart Minimalist Brands to Know Before They Hit the BigTime

Is the brightest color in your closet navy? Is your favorite Instagram feature the desaturation tool? Was the last time you had walls or sheets that were anything but stark white when you were, oh, seven? Congratulations, you are officially a minimalist.

While the more-is-more ethos of Gucci et. al is having a serious moment in fashion right now, the opposite end of the spectrum is also thriving. The desire for simple, well-made, understated clothing that birthed brands like Everlane has also since given rise to a new guard of quietly luxurious labels.

Far from being bland or boring, these startup brands deliver unfussy, neutral-first pieces that manage to be covetable season after season—even if you already have, like, ten other gray sweaters or black silk button-downs in your wardrobe. Plus, one major upside to the minimalist life? It’s far easier to justify shopping when you know you’ll wear something for years.

So, if you’re looking for something new to round out your collection of low-key basics and achromatic accessories, we’ve put together a handy guide to five must-know under-the-radar minimalist brands to shop right now.

Stephanie Rad

If you or I had trouble finding a pair of really good pants, we might be inclined to throw up our hands in frustration—Stephanie Rad, however, took it as a cue to get down to business. This past season, she launched her first full collection, highlighting modern-day suiting, sleek jumpsuits, and, of course, tailored trousers designed to “fit your body well, put everything where it’s supposed to be, and be very easy to travel with.” With the focus on fit, craftsmanship, and details (like two-tone gold-and-silver hardware), starting off with a simple black and white palette seemed natural, sliding seamlessly into her customers’ existing wardrobes. “What I like to say about our collection is that we’re very interpretable,” says Rad. “Depending on your aesthetic, you can make our clothes extremely minimalist or you can mix and match with something you already have that might take you to a completely different level.”


Who needs color when you have superbly-cut outerwear, supersoft knits, and cool frayed denim? Certainly not this Downtown Los Angeles-based brand, which has been putting out silhouette-driven collections since 2010, building up a solid list of stockists that includes indie faves Need Supply Co., Parc Boutique, and Founders & Followers. Plus, we’d wear every last outfit in the lookbook, which is a strong endorsement indeed