February 16, 2019
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How To Wear Zara According to Instagram’s TopBloggers

Show of hands: How many mornings have you spent starring at your closet, waiting for the perfect outfit to materialize from thin air? And then how many times have you picked up your phone and opened Instagram to scroll through your bookmarked posts until you landed on something that felt inspired by? #ZaraDaily is like that, minus all the frustration.

Yep: The hashtag, which mostly features outfits comprised of Zara mixed with other fast-fashion chains, has accumulated nearly 200K photos—and its corresponding account, @zara_daily, boasts more than 345K followers. And if you search a few similar tags, you’ll find thousands of outfits featuring the Zara products that might just be hanging in your closet, plus styling tips for making them look—and photograph!—expensive. Talk about instant gratification.

Ahead, we compiled our favorite pieces of inspiration from the Zara-centric hashtags. Time to get a-bookmarking.Save


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