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Methods To Clean Carpet Effectively

Having a beautiful and comfortable room and the house is everyone’s dream. One thing you need to pay attention to is the carpet because it is always the base of almost every activity. That is why the carpet is not free from various dirt and stains attached. Therefore, you certainly need to know exactly how to care for and clean carpets at home even without the help from carpet cleaning northern beaches service. Cleaning dirt on the carpet, it’s best not to wipe because it can cause the stains and dirt to spread and damage your carpet. The blotting technique uses a small amount of pressure from an absorbent material – such as cloth, tissue, or sponge – to absorb the stuck stain so it doesn’t spread the dirt.

The use of soda is also known to be an alternative to clean the stains that stick to your carpet. Soda is especially effective for stains such as beer and wine. The method is almost the same, dab or spray soda on the stained area, then blot the area using a clean cloth or tissue paper. If this doesn’t work, you can try using a 1:1 mixture of water and white vinegar, then do the same process. The slight difference is that if you use this solution, you have to wait at least 10 minutes for the solution to work, then blot the stained area. Repeat several times for maximum clean results.

In general, shaving cream can be used to remove almost any stain on the carpet. The trick is to apply shaving cream to the stained area, then wait 30 minutes for the cream to absorb. Blot with a dry cloth and finish with a solution of water and white vinegar for best results. Ice cubes can also be used to clean carpets, especially stains from sticking gum. Rub an ice cube over the sticking part of the gum and let it freeze. Gently remove it with a spoon or other tool, then cut off the part that is still stuck to the bottom surface of the gum so that your carpet doesn’t lose too much fiber.

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