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Cleaning Pets Fur From Carpet And Floor

If you have pets, their fur can spread throughout the house, including the carpet and floors. Animal hair should be cleaned immediately so as not to affect the health of humans and animals themselves. If you are struggling to properly clean it you could always ask dry wet carpets service to help you. Here are the steps for cleaning pet hair from carpets and floors.

For Floors, try this method for cleaning tile, wood, or linoleum floors;
– Step 1: Sweep the floor with a rubber broom covering all corners. Make sure you sweep it clean to remove hair from hard-to-reach places in the house.
– Step 2: Use a microfibre cloth Wrap the microfiber cloth onto a rubber broom and do a final sweep to clean the floor. This will catch all the little hairs you missed earlier.
– Step 3: Mop using disinfectant and mop. Next, you can mop using disinfectant and mop. If you don’t have a disinfectant, dip a bottle cap of bleach into the mop. Mop the floor thoroughly to the bottom of the furniture. A wet mop will remove fine hairs and other debris.

For carpet;
– 1: Sprinkle baking soda evenly on the carpet. The baking soda helps loosen the hair from the carpet fibers and will make the cleaning process easier.

– 2: Vacuum cleaning. Run the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the carpet evenly at least 3 times to thoroughly clean it.

– 3: Cover the corners. If you can’t completely remove the hair from the corners of the floor, try this easy trick. Wet the rubber gloves and drag them along the edges of the carpet with your fingers to catch the tiny hairs.

– 4: Vacuum Again. Eventually, operate the vacuum cleaner on the carpet starting from the top to bottom and then in the reverse order for complete cleaning. To dodge collecting pet dander on floors and carpets, it’s a good concept to mop the surface as soon as you notice pet hair.