December 4, 2020

These Are the Jeans Celebs Can’t StopWearing

Like it or not, the jeans celebrities pull on in the morning fast become the jeans everyone wants. For a long time, skinny jeans were the number-one style, and the main question was something along the lines of—where can I find the slim-fit, high-waisted jeans that make everyone’s butt look so good? And while that very well may still be a pressing question, these days there are so many different styles and options, the question has become slightly different.

For a bit of denim inspiration, one wise question might go something like: what are the styles that celebrities cannot seem to stop wearing? In honor of Denim Week, we took it upon ourselves to answer just that question, and let us be the first to tell you: Some of these looks are hot as hell. Scroll through to discover excellent jeans worn by Gigi Hadid, CiaraKate Moss—among many others—and see if you can resist buying a pair for yourself.

P.S. There is one pair—a cropped skinny jean by Mother—that is so popular, we had to include it in two different washes! If that’s not a made-for-fall must-have as far as celebs are concerned, we don’t know what is.